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Your Spiritual Health Programme

Launching with a talk by Dr William Bloom at St James’s Church, Piccadilly, London on Monday 25 March
Accompanied by a series of taster events across the UK

Dr William Bloom – founder of the Spiritual Companions Trust – will present Your Spiritual Health Programme at its launch at St James’s Church, Piccadilly on Monday 25 March 2019 (7-9pm) hosted by the Alternatives Programme. For more information and to book your place.

At this event participants will be given a free copy of Your Spiritual Health Programme and guided to discover their own best way to “connect to the wonder and energy of life”. Dr Bloom will lead the group through a simple meditation exercise to help them deepen this connection on a daily basis. Demonstrating how you can sustain a nourishing connection to the good things in life, he’ll also introduce other key parts of the programme, including how to generate Peace of Mind and develop Care and Compassion, and the science behind the health benefits.

Sixty Taster Events Across the UK

We’re delighted to announce over 60 taster events taking place across the UK to launch Your Spiritual Health Programme.

View PDFs of the tasters:

Public Tasters Your Spiritual Health Programme

Informal Tasters Your Spiritual Health Programme

People are joining in all sorts of groups around 25 March to 7 April 2019 to be guided through practical, experiential exercises.

Most people participating are local contacts of our Spiritual Health Mentors. They are personal, work and community contacts who are keen to learn more about spiritual health through guided taster sessions.

Then there are several open, public taster events across the country where the invitation extends to anyone interested to come and increase understanding of what it takes to enjoy spiritual health.

All participants, whether at public or closed taster events, will have an experience of what it is to boost emotional wellbeing, improve physical and mental health and connect with the good things in life.  All these events will be led by qualified Spiritual Companions (spiritual health mentors accredited and fully trained by the Spiritual Companions Trust in the Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness.) Spiritual Health Mentors are also available for follow-up sessions and support.

To find out about specific events in your area please contact us
01458 555008

People involved

People meeting up include: work groups of colleagues; hospices and GP surgery staff; midwives; NHS trust employees; members of yoga and meditation groups; faith groups; local business networking groups; home groups with families, friends and neighbours and all those attending open public events.


Tasters are running in Scotland in Aberdeenshire and Moray; in Ireland in County Tyrone, County Antrim and County Down; in Wales in Pembrokeshire and in England in West Yorkshire, Norfolk, Worcestershire, Dorset, Somerset, Avon, Essex, Kent and London.

Distribution of Booklets

Alongside the tasters, 2,800 Your Spiritual Health Programme booklets have been shared and used across the UK spreading the understanding and practices.


Watch William Bloom interview Hoppi Wimbush about how she sustains her spiritual health